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The following is Scott Cady's words about his father, at his September 20th Memorial Service

by Scott Cady

I’d like to share with you something about Lou Cady that I didn’t learn until just this week. As many of you know Lou Cady was a private man, this privacy led some to believe that he was somewhat alone in the world and lost touch with most of his old friends, spending most of his time working on the computer and the MSS web-site. I had some struggles with Dad over the years regarding what his purpose was and what his legacy would be when it was time for him to leave this world, we never truly reached an understanding.

Today I stand here before you better educated about Lou Cady. He had purpose in his later life and he did in fact build a legacy. Personal thanks go out to Howie Hodge, Dave Meredith and the MSS community for educating me and bringing all the positives to light that show Lou Cady was loved by many, that he touched many lives through his NASCAR racing website. A man’s life purpose is to reach out and touch as many people as you can, to bring a positive spirit to people who are down, to offer a smile always regardless of personal issues. Lou Cady accomplished just that. And he has a legacy. Lou Cady built MSS. Com and they came, they came in drove, they came in millions and Dad when you left us on September 11, 2004 they kept coming, this time with an outburst of emotion, love and devotion for you, your life and your racing legacy.

As the NASCAR community already knows, the Cady’s are going to support the continuance of Lou’s work. We will join NASCAR’S Featherlite Modified family and work together to continue In respect for Lou Cady and his wishes the site will retain the informational integrity that was so important to him.

Lou Cady was a fair and wise man. He was a good listener and was always able to offer a unique perspective when needed or had just the right thing to say to help you clear your mind and see things differently. His gift of making others laugh with his silly, wise cracking style is almost legendary. He showed us that it’s ok to have fun and not take yourself too seriously. He was a teacher, a disciplinarian and he was fair, as was his Dad Kenneth Cady. He was a Cady, and fortunate to be Kenneth Cady’s son. Dad you’re with Grandpa now and you’re in a better place.

Lou Cady was an intelligent and creative man.

During his childhood and young adulthood he played the clarinet in various bands and never lost his love for music especially jazz. As a young father he would pull out the clarinet now and again and play two songs I can remember as if it were yesterday, “When the Saints Come Marching In” and “Sweet Georgia Brown” he was a gifted wood craftsman, a polished cartoonist and even worked for a local newspaper drawing a sports comic for their sports section in the early 1960’s.

I remember the day the electric pottery wheel and kiln showed up in our home for his newfound passion. In 1980 he was one of the first people to own a home computer, an APPLE. He taught himself programming, the big deal at the time was to program the Star Wars theme, which he did. From that point on, he devoted his life to the computer which eventually led to his business success, a passion for graphic arts and the creation of the best website for the NASCAR Featherlite Modified racing series…. Today the site has over 2 million hits in 5 years. It is a blessing that he was alive to see it pass that amazing number. I am very thankful today that I visited him for coffee a few weeks ago to see him beaming with pride about the upcoming milestone.

Lou Cady played competitive tennis for many years, and while growing up in New York played church league basketball as a youth, was a New York Giants fan and became a nutty UCONN Women’s Basketball fan. Most importantly he supported another part of his legacy, his daughter Allison and me in all our endeavors.

He was a sportsman as a young man; he grew up hunting, fishing and camping and was a member of the Boy Scouts for many years. He attended Clarkson University and later was an American soldier, Private First Class Louis Harlow Cady. During his service in the U.S. Army he was stationed in Alabama and as I remember correctly was fortunate and probably unfortunate to have the massive all-time great New York Jet Lineman Rosie Grier as a Drill Sergeant. Ironically today Rosie is now known throughout the United States for his skills in needlepoint.

As a young Father he spent most summer vacations camping with his family in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut. On the lake, in the stream fishing, whether it was a tent or cottage, those were the best of times.

Lou Cady was a free spirit or as one of his old friends said a “restless spirit” however you put it he definitely lived by his own rules and rejected conventional thinking often. He was open-minded, a thinker. Dad was a rebel and liked being so. He had no boundaries, when it came to his ideas, his thinking process, his interests and desires to learn. Dad was the most open-minded person I have ever met.

To our entire family especially Dad’s mom Dorothy who at 94 is very active in Florida but could not be with us today, know he might not have had the ability to show it as often as we would have wanted him to, but he truly loved you all. If you think about it, his love for all of us was so obvious, it was in his smile, his eyes, his words and gestures. Every time he saw you he had something special for you, always a smile, sometimes a nickname. That was Dad’s way, it is the way we should remember him, a funny face, a tickle, a wise crack, a hug, kiss, or caress on the cheek. That was Dad’s way. Lou Cady, Dad, Brother, Son, Friend and Grandfather we will miss you, May God bless you.

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